Patrick Beverley fined for egregious flop involving James Harden

Eric He
Yahoo Sports Contributor
Patrick Beverley fined for egregious flop involving James Harden

Los Angeles Clippers guard Patrick Beverley, as usual, was all over the court in Friday’s 122-119 home win over the Houston Rockets. He played 19 minutes and had just six points and three rebounds, but was his usual pesky self.

Beverley will also walk away $5,000 lighter after committing this rather egregious flop, trying to draw a foul on James Harden early in the first quarter:

Because it was his second flopping violation this season, Beverley was fined.

But can we just admire this flop, in all its Academy Award-worthy beauty, one more time?

Not only does Beverley initiate contact by thrusting his body into Harden’s, but then he recoils and springs back like a cat falling backwards.

Later in the game, Harden fouled out Beverley on a killer stepback three — which he made for a four-point play:

But Beverley had the last laugh, even from the bench. After Russell Westbrook missed a go-ahead 3-pointer in the dying seconds, Beverley mocked Westbrook’s shooting motion:

He may be a constant name on the NBA’s anti-flopping list, and he may annoy opponents to no end — but that’s Beverley’s niche. And it looks like the Rockets are just the latest victim.

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