Patrick Schmid: ‘Good Fights Always Take Two Game Opponents’

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Patrick “Big Swiss” Schmid will finally get the bout he’s been waiting for – a heavyweight kickboxing clash against dangerous finisher Rade Opacic – this Friday, 15 October.

After their previously scheduled match at “ONE on TNT I” fell through, the two strikers will now meet at ONE: FIRST STRIKE, and having seen Opacic in action, Schmid feels that he’s got his opponent mapped out.

“It’s pretty obvious what he’s going to want to do. He’s the longer guy, he’s probably a little bit quicker, so he’ll do the long-guy game – use long jabs and, if I get in close, use the knees,” Schmid said.

“I’ll probably have to make it a slugfest because he is longer, so we’ll see how that goes.”

Schmid also knows he’s going to have to fight Opacic from within close range to avoid giving the Serbian a chance to unleash his kicks, one of which vehemently knocked out Errol “The Bonecrusher” Zimmerman in his last Circle outing.

“I have to close the distance, and he has to try to keep me away. It’s always the same with the tall guys to little guys – well, I’m not little, but he’s really tall,” he said.

“I’m going to try and work my way in and hit him. [I’ll try to] work the body and use my low kicks. A brawl to see who has the hardest head is not always the best thing to do, but that would work out better for my style.”

As for “Big Swiss,” he’ll be looking to make up for his disappointing debut against “Reug Reug” Oumar Kane, a bout that ended in a TKO loss.

That said, he did have to switch sports unexpectedly and take a mixed martial arts bout at the last minute. So, the defeat wasn’t all that surprising.

But now, with plenty of motivation to move him forward, Schmid is looking to put on a show for everyone tuning in to watch ONE: FIRST STRIKE – even if that means going out on his shield.

“It’s about being able to put out everything that you’ve practiced and putting on a good show. But for a good fight, it [also] always takes two game opponents,” Schmid said.

“For me, my best victories are not the ones where I went in and destroyed my opponent. It’s when it’s a close fight, where you go in, give it your all, and get your hand raised.

“Quick knockouts can happen to anyone, but if you have a good matchup where you can show what you practiced, that’s great for everyone – when you have to earn it and when you’ve had some hardship to battle through.”

Catch all the action at ONE: FIRST STRIKE on the ONE Super App or on meWATCH at 8:30 p.m. SGT on Friday, 15 October.

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