Paul Bamba – The Entrepreneur on Rise

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Paul Bamba was born on August 15, 1989 in Rio Puerto Rico, and brought up in Massachusetts. He has a passion for advising, supporting, and providing resources for people in need and has worked with groups of clients including children, the elderly, and families in crisis to help them solve problems that they're facing.

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Paul currently runs a successful fitness business training clients of every age and is bringing fitness programs to people around the world. HIs hard work has helped raise over $250k for causes like sending 100 children to summer camp and providing over 500 turkeys to families in need during Thanksgiving.

Paul's hobbies include skydiving and reading, and his dream is to positively impact less privileged communities and help raise a generation of successful people who came from disadvantaged positions.

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Paul strongly believes in himself, the power of consistency and loyalty, and feels that a committed team can overcome anything.

His strengths include: determination, strong willpower, and the ability to adapt and learn quickly. He has struggled a lot in his childhood but became a self-made man. His favorite celebrities include David Goggins, 50 Cent, and Robert Greene.

It has absolutely not been easy for Paul to achieve his goals. He has dedicated all of his time and energy toward his work. We wish this gentleman a great future ahead.

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