Paul Pogba featuring in new documentary series on Amazon Prime Video

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Amazon Studios will release its new series "The Pogmentary" in 2022.

Pogbamania is set to arrive on Prime Video. The Amazon streaming platform has just announced a forthcoming documentary series on the French footballer. "The Pogmentary" promises to reveal hidden facets of the world champion. However, Pogba enthusiasts will have be patient, the unprecedented immersion in the life of the Manchester United player is not about to drop before 2022.

In "The Pogmentary," the platform's subscribers will discover the story of Paul Pogba's childhood from previously unreleased footage and conversations with his family and friends. The documentary will also show the Manchester United player's life, passions and accomplishments along with some of the remarkable moments from the journey that led him to be one of the greatest footballers of his generation.

"Paul Pogba is one of the most prominent talents of his time, so we are thrilled to be collaborating with him with an overall deal and his series ‘The Pogmentary,'” said the head of European Originals for Amazon Studios, Georgia Brown. She further added: "We all know Paul for what he can do on a football pitch, but his influence reaches much further and he is without doubt an icon for an entire generation. Through the unprecedented access afforded to us, Prime Video will show the man behind the fame, delving into his life off the pitch and letting him tell his story in his own words."

Fans eager to watch the new series on Amazon Prime Video will have to remain patient. The documentary, which will be available in the US and the rest of the world, will not be streamed until 2022.

Paul Pogba is not the first football idol to feature in his own documentary series on Amazon Prime Video. In 2019, the streaming platform released "Raphaël Varane : Destin de Champion", which was devoted to the French national team defender. More recently, Amazon Studios announced a new documentary series on Serena Williams. The documentary on the life and career of the tennis champion, which has yet to be given a title, is currently in production.

Sabrina Alili