Paul Russell thinks it's 'pretty wild' to have met President Biden

Paul Russell thinks it is "wild" he got to meet President Joe Biden this year.

The 'Lil Boo Thang' hitmaker is proud that one day he will be able to tell his future children all about performing at the White House and he was particularly pleased that the 81-year-old Commander-in-Chief was "nice" to him.

Asked his biggest achievement of the year, he exclusively told BANG Showbiz backstage at the Capital Summertime Ball with Barclaycard on Sunday (16.06.24): "I performed at the White House which was pretty wild, so I got to meet the President.

"That’s definitely up there. I’ll be able to tell my kids, ‘You know, back in the day …’ "

Asked what the president was like, he added: "He’s a nice guy. Relatively reserved in that scenario I guess, but yeah, he’s nice."

Meanwhile, though the 26-year-old rapper thinks the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in music can be "dangerous" or "scary" for some artists, he also believes it can be beneficial for many musicians.

He explained: "I think there are obviously aspects of it that can really be dangerous, but I also think there are aspects of it that I think are great.

"A lot of the time when you’re making songs now, because of AI, there are so many other things you can do. You know, you can find a sample and like one aspect of it but not another aspect, and you can use AI to split things up.

"That kind of stuff is great, but obviously, you can copy people’s voices which is scary.

"Actually, apparently, there are a lot of artists that I’ve heard there’s an AI version of their voice that’s out there. And they’ll go and just like, throw that into there own songs.

"So I guess it makes some people’s lives easier."

Paul believes there should be legislation around the use of such technology.

He added: "As long as you have regulations around it."

Following a hectic year, the 'Say Cheese' singer is looking forward to a few months off before getting back out on the road.

Asked his upcoming plans, he said: "So, after this show, I’m going to Sicily. I’ve never been but it looks really fun.

"I’ve got some new music coming out in a couple of weeks actually, maybe three or four weeks - who knows? But yeah, releasing music, hanging out.

"I’m going on tour in September, so I’m going to lay low until then."