PDEG hunts for escaped big time drug dealer

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MANILA — Three tracker teams from the PNP Drug Enforcement Group (PDEG) are making rounds in Metro Manila to hunt big-time drug dealer Jun No.

The PNP Drug Enforcement Group PDEG) has also alerted the managements of ports and airports and the Bureau of Immigration.

PDEG is positive that Jun No has not gone far yet since he has fresh wounds after undergoing a surgery for acute appendicitis.

He was supposed to be discharged on the morning of April 15. It was when authorities discovered he had fled.

“Our guard did not handcuff him at the hospital bed… SPO2 Macarubbo went out for breakfast while the PDEA agent was sleeping beside him,” PDEG Legal and Investigation Division chief Atty. Enrico Rigor said.

The big-time drug suspect’s two guards are now facing criminal and administrative cases.

Authorities have also arrested a woman alleged to have helped No to escape from the hospital.

No is a notorious party drugs supplier. He was arrested in an entrapment operation on April 5 in Pasay City.

The police confiscated 140 tablets of ecstasy from No during his arrest.

“For Jun No, it is better that you surrender yourself because very soon the long arms of the law will catch up with you,” Atty. Rigor said.

The PNP calls on the public to immediately report through the PDEG hotline any sightings of the suspect. — Grace Casin | UNTV News & Rescue

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