Pear running coaching app gets an upgrade

12 August 2013

While consumers have plenty of wearable fitness gadgets to choose from, from Nike+ to Adidas miCoach, one company hopes to distinguish itself by offering real-time, customizable fitness coaching.

Pear Sports offers its Pear Mobile device for $99, and its newly released Application Program Interface (API) allows users to not only download a slew of training plans onto the Pear platform but receive guided workouts from expert coaches tailored to your heart rate.

The kit also comes with a set of earphones, dubbed Pear Stride, via which you can hear personalized feedback while you work out, such as commands to push a little harder, or words of encouragement if the device senses you're burning out.

The Pear Square One is a small electronic device about the size of an iPod Nano that clips to your waistband and wirelessly connects with a heart rate monitor and foot pod to provide coaching and audio feedback based on your performance.

This device works in conjunction with plans created by American coaches Matt Fitzgerald, Ben Greenfield, and Jenny Hadfield, none of whom are celebrities but who are rather dedicated sports writers, bloggers, and trainers. Plans include programs to lose weight and run marathons, as well as running training for busy people.

In addition, you can stream music while you work out and access GPS maps for tracking your routes. For gym lovers, the device also offers treadmill workouts.

The gadget's app is currently available for the iPhone 4S and 5.