Peep this: Singapore searches for ‘voyeurism’ more than any other country, plus other kinky search trends

An infographic showing the most popular fetishes around the world recently resurfaced and it reveals some kinky data about not-so-sex-friendly Singapore.

The naughty guide showing which countries topped Google searches for 20 fetishes was reposted to Reddit’s Cool Guides and Singapore subreddits yesterday.

It was originally posted in 2021 by casino website SlotsUp, which used Google Trends to generate the data, but it is not known when exactly the data was collected.

Singapore appeared in the top five countries for four kinks.

The city-state ranked first for Voyeurism (watching others naked or engaging in sexual activity).

Singapore also came in third for Impact Play (a form of BDSM where one person is struck by another for gratification), with fellow neighboring countries such as the Philippines coming in second and Malaysia fourth.

There’s also Exhibitionism (aka flashing where mostly men compulsively display their genitals to strangers) where Singapore comes in third, and fifth for Philippines.

Lastly, Singapore came in fourth for Furries (a community where people dress and act as anthropomorphized animal characters).

Other fetishes highlighted on the map include Sploshing (placing and eating food off of people), Urolagnia (when people gain sexual pleasure from urine and urination), and Spectrophilia (sexual attraction to ghosts or images in mirrors).

New year, same kinks

Since the infographic came from 2021, we checked Google Trends from the past year to see if the data held up.

Unsurprisingly, Singapore still topped the searches for voyeurism, with the Philippines just behind.

Singapore also came in third for Impact Play, fifth for Exhibitionism, and seventh for Furries.

<em>Data showing the Google searches for ‘Voyeurism’ in Singapore in the past year, with searches peaking in March. Photo: Google Trends</em>
Data showing the Google searches for ‘Voyeurism’ in Singapore in the past year, with searches peaking in March. Photo: Google Trends

The data runs counter to Singapore’s conservative and rigid policies when it comes to sex. Most recently, a sex content creator was jailed and fined for being an OnlyFans creator and a swinging couple was fined for taking nude photos in public.

While people should feel free to explore their kinks with other consenting adults, voyeurism is inherently problematic since it’s based on perving on people who don’t know you’re watching. There have been numerous notorious cases of criminal voyeurism in Singapore in just the last year.

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