It took Peloton until 2021 to add a pause button

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Somehow, Peloton has not offered users a way to pause on-demand classes until this very moment in time. At long last, a pause button is rolling out on Bike and Bike+. So, if you need to take a break for any reason, you can come back and finish your workout later.

To pause a workout, tap the screen and hold the pause button for a moment. You'll still appear in the Here Now section and others can send you encouraging high fives while your workout is paused, but you will lose your spot on the leaderboard for that class. So, if you're a hyper-competitive Peloton user, perhaps the pause button isn't for you. That said, pausing a workout doesn't have any impact on other aspects of your Peloton progress, including programs, challenges, achievements, streaks, milestones and personal records.

For what it's worth, Peloton says it hopes that "this feature is everything you imagine." However, it won't work on live workouts — it's not like pausing live TV. The pause button will come to Tread devices in the future.

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