Penang Pas: PKR have done nothing to help Muslims on island


ALOR STAR: Penang Pas has no regrets moving a motion to end its 'tahaluf siyasi' or political cooperation with PKR, said the state's youth delegate Muhamad Hafiz Alias.

He said this was because Penang PKR had done nothing to help Muslims on the island, adding that Batu Maung assemblyman, Abdul Malik Kassim had failed to speak on behalf of the people.

“YB Malik Kassim has been silent when it was actually the Malays who had voted for him. But he continues to stay silent even on Islamic matters,” he said when debating the Pas youth chief's keynote address at Kompleks Pas Kedah in conjunction with the party’s 63rd Muktamar.

He also pointed out that the livelihood of the fishermen at the island have been affected due to Penang government’s action of reclaiming three man-made islands.

Hafiz said the reclamation has affected the currents and as a result, the fishermen's daily income.

“They (state government) claim that Pas is anti-development but that's not the case. What we're trying to say is, while development is good, don't forget about problems that we raised too.”

Due to all the issues faced by the Muslims in Penang, Hafiz said this was why they did not regret their decision to submit the motion to sever ties with PKR.

“We are under a lot of stress in Penang. Now Penang has just increased the water tariff. They said that when petrol prices were increased, we were silent. That's not true. We made noise about the petrol price hike every week.

“But those were the words of the liars led by the DAP and those who are spending time with Tok Det (former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad).

“They say they want to save Malaysia but who's going to save Penang? Land, job opportunities, who are going to save those things?” he asked, to which the audience shouted “Allahuakbar”.