Pentagon comments on the terms of aid delivery to Ukraine

Patrick Ryder
Patrick Ryder

The USA has already started supplying Ukraine with the ammunition that its Armed Forces needed urgently, Pentagon Press Secretary Patrick Ryder said at a briefing on April 25.

He made this statement in response to a journalist's question about when Ukraine will receive the first batch of weapons within the framework of the new American aid package.

Ryder declined to go into detail about specific timing and specific equipment, but assured that "the process is already underway."

"We have already started the process of some weapons, ammunition and equipment supply, which as I mentioned earlier, will be there in a few days, if not sooner," Ryder said.

The US aid package contains different equipment and facilities, and some deliveries may take longer than others, he explained.

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"But when it comes to essentials like ammunition, the delivery has already commenced," Pentagon Press Secretary said.

USA military aid to Ukraine

US President Joe Biden signed a bill providing $61 billion in support for Ukraine on April 24, which was stalled in the House of Representatives for several months.

The US would begin supplying weapons from the next aid package to Ukraine within hours, he said immediately after signing. The Pentagon reported that the $1 billion aid package includes air defense missiles, ammunition for HIMARS, 155-mm artillery shells, Bradley fighting vehicles, Humvee armored vehicles, high-precision aviation ammunition and more.

The United States is finalizing one of the largest military aid packages for Ukraine, preparing to sign $6 billion arms and equipment contracts, Politico reported on April 25.

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