9 Things People Are Buying On Amazon This Week, Besides Mushroom Coffee

This week in weird, practical and just-plain-interesting items trending on Amazon, folks seem keen to stock up on ~trendy~ health foods like ghee and mushroom coffee, as well as holiday gifts like bath bombs and card games, but that’s not all. We’re using the retailer’s trending data to uncover some of the most practical purchases people are buying on the site each week. Below, check out our favorite things trending up on Amazon right now.

This adult party game

Perfect for meme lovers.
Price: $30

This women of NASA lego building kit

It includes four minifigures of Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride and Mae Jemison
Price: $60

The Roku Express streaming player

Stream all of your favorites, like Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO. 
Price: $30

This painless hair remover

Removes facial hair instantly and painlessly.
Price: $20

This 12-pack of USA-made bath bombs

They're made of natural, moisturizing ingredients that won't stain your tub.
Price: $25

These bluetooth headphones perfect for the gym

They're sweat-proof and wireless, too. 
Price: $20

This mushroom coffee mix

This is exactly what it sounds like: coffee mixed with mushroom extracts. It supposedly gives you the caffeine you need, without the jitters or the caffeine crash.
Price: $10

This gravity maze

It's a game of logic. 
Price: $30

These key finders

You can even use them for phones, bags, and wallets.
Price: $60 for a 2-pack


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