People in China busted for napping in beds at IKEA

Photo: Pixabay

IKEA is a wonderful place to go if you are looking for some new furniture, or maybe if you want to take cheeky photos while riding in shopping carts. But it seems that the people in China are getting way too comfortable visiting IKEA, so much so they end up sleeping in the store’s display beds.

While the retailer does not stop shoppers from sleeping in its beds in their stores, it does not mean that shoppers have every right to do so. Indeed, Chinese online video celebrity longgekuaipao on Weibo decided to take matters into his own hands by exposing these sleepyheads.

In the opening of his video, Long Ge found it disgusting that so many people have been abusing the “free trial” by sleeping the whole day (barefoot even!) in IKEA’s displays. These acts have caused inconvenience to others who sincerely wanted to shop for beds. As such, Long Ge and his friends decided to go on a mission to hunt for these shoppers and “disturb their sleep” as some might put it.

As a façade for the mission, they pretended to be admiring the products, flipping the blankets, pillows and mattress while saying, “This is not bad.” The sleeping beauties, on the other hand, were obviously not very happy. Some yelled, “What are you doing? Are you crazy?” One shopper even left a stench behind as she was sleeping barefoot. Most of them were just confused who Long Ge and company were, and quickly left the scene after being exposed.

In one case, an indignant shopper even exclaimed, ‘Didn’t you see I was sleeping so well? Why are you people so uncultured?’

As with most, if not all things, moderation is key. Abusing the service provided by IKEA is pretty uncultured too, don’t you think?