People are leaving surprise care packages for delivery people

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The holidays are stressful for everyone, but perhaps for no one more so than the hard-working delivery people who actually get presents to your front door. To remedy that, a few friendly homeowners have attempted to make FedEx and UPS workers’ holidays a little more cheerful by leaving surprise care packages on their doorsteps.

Photos of the baskets with water, bags of chips, and Christmas-themed Little Debbie snacks have surfaced on Instagram and on Reddit — a surefire way to put a smile on anyone’s face. One package handler appreciated the thought so much that he posted a photo of one of the baskets from his route to Reddit. “I deliver packages for UPS and today this was at one of the stops!” he posted.

The families made clear that the goodies were  just for their mail carriers by affixing kind notes. “Parcel Delivery Drivers: Please take some goodies to enjoy while on your route! Thank you so much for making holiday shopping easier! We hope you have a blessed Christmas,” read one message. Another, similar note surfaced on Instagram with the caption, “You the real MVP.”


Commenters on social media are (depressingly) impressed that these families took the time out of their holiday to make someone else’s day brighter. “I’m not extra enough for this but snaps to the people that do it,” one commenter wrote. A delivery driver also wrote in to echo that sentiment: “As a Fedex driver, I can personally attest to the good that this does. It’s not only refreshing but also a morale booster when it’s mostly just you & the packages all day.”

If the chorus of comments saying “let’s do this!” are any indication, we may have just seen the birth of a new holiday trend that we can seriously get behind.

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