19 Very Popular Home Design Trends That People Really Don't Like

Recently, I asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell me what are the home design trends that they hate, yet everyone else seems to love."

man saying "That's not decor."

I got lots and lots of responses, as everyone has some sort of opinion about home design trends. Below are just some of the comments that you may or may not agree with:

1."Unpopular opinion: open floor plans. I like to escape from the noise and activity of the living room and go to the kitchen for some time alone. I can concentrate on my recipe, hear the food on the stove, and listen to whatever music I want. And having a separate dining room is more relaxing and intimate, to me."

Modern kitchen with bar stools, adjacent living area with furniture, and a view of trees through windows
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2."Children’s rooms that are totally void of color, toys, children’s aesthetic, and is just basic/mass decor that is devoid of any unique personality."

Cozy corner of a room with a wooden cabinet, soft toys, art easel, and cushioned seat with decor


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3."Modern farmhouse. I think updated versions of it can look OK. But people are still doing the whole all-white, shiplap walls, chalkboard wall in the kitchen that Joanna Gaines popularized 15 years ago. It just feels redundant and tired."

Rustic bedroom with a barn door, beamed ceiling, and a neatly made bed


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4."Brass and 'brushed gold' hardware and fixtures. They seem to be everywhere and on every HGTV show. As a designer, I don’t care how you’ve 'modernized' it, it still reminds me of the '80s/'90s fixtures I grew up around. I will never think it’s cool."

Brass faucet over a textured sink, reflecting light, set in a stone countertop
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5."Removing bathtubs and putting in a large shower. That used to decrease the home value, i.e. creating a 3/4 bath. How are you going to bathe the baby?"

Modern bathroom with a walk-in shower, double vanity sink, and a large mirror


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6."Interior Designer here and I HAVE A LIST! Cheap subway tile; Open shelving (congrats on removing storage and letting us all see your mismatched bowls); TVs above fireplaces. Would you add a 65" black painting there? Decorating for the next owner/resale instead of YOU. If you’re going to be there more than five years, make it something you like."

White subway tiles arranged in an offset pattern on a wall
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7."Gray! Why does everything in brand-new homes need to be gray?? I don't get the appeal."

Modern living room with a sofa, chairs, and dining area
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8."Everything beige. I cannot understand why anyone would decorate their home this way. I'm all for minimalism and color coordination but, why everything...beige? It makes me feel really depressed."

Neutral-toned living room with a plush sofa, round coffee table, and decorative vases
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9."I actually like Hollywood Regency interior design, but the co-opted one from the 2010s is just hideous, it's all gray, silver, and mirrored surfaces. It's supposed to scream old Hollywood glamour, but it just screams cheap, cold, and dated. And I know people must still be decorating with it because there's always a huge section of that style at Home Goods."

Modern living room with a chesterfield sofa, glass table, and artistic wall decor


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10."How could I forget painting beautiful Victorian woodwork white to modernize the home!"

Paint roller, tray, ladder, and bucket in a room indicating an ongoing painting project
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11."They might have been around too long to qualify as a trend, but stainless steel appliances. You have to clean the fingerprints constantly or else they look so gross, and they seem so out of place in any kitchen that isn't super modern."

Person wearing a knit sweater cleaning a refrigerator handle with a disinfectant wipe
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12."People putting in arch ways in there homes when it doesn't fit the architectural style of the house. While I'm at it, people building or buying bookshelves with arches on them, I feel in 10 years everyone is going to look at them and think, Oh wow, that is so 2022."

A minimalist room with an empty picture frame on the wall and a simple furnished living area through an archway


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13."Words on signs and things. Like, why do you need a 'coffee' sign above your coffee pot? Or 'eat' in your kitchen? Do you need a reminder? Cheesy AF and super tacky."

Sign reads "MOM'S KITCHEN. EAT WELL. LAUGH OFTEN. LOVE MUCH." on a wooden stand with decorative leaves

14."Pampas grass arrangements. Not only do they look very 1970s (not in a good way), but they're also very messy. Also I only associate them with generic Insta/Pinterest all-beige decor."

A vase of pampas grass on a wooden table against a neutral wall


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15."Pallet wood furniture! Never understood it. Sure they are free, but it’s for a reason. Most of the wood is straight trash. I’d rather pay a few more bucks and use quality wood so your projects will last a lifetime or at least until it’s no longer in style."

Modern living room with pallet furniture, large windows, and a television


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16."Dark accent walls. Makes the space seem too small even if you add lighter colored decor. Especially in large rooms like kitchens, living rooms, etc."

Bedroom with a bed, nightstands, and TV, featuring a prominent navy accent wall


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17."Enough with the white quartz/marble counter tops with grey veining!!! EVERY SINGLE remodeling show ONLY installs these counter tops in every kitchen and bathroom. So sick of seeing only that exact look over the last 5–6 years."

Modern kitchen with white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and central island


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18.Books placed backwards on shelves concealing their bindings for a lighter, neutral look. Show what you read if you read, not a blank pallet reflecting a culture void."

Shelf with books arranged with spines facing in, next to a vase with dried flowers


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19.And lastly, "Barn doors. They just make a space look ridiculous."

A rustic wooden barn door mounted on a sliding track above a doorway
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Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

Alright did you agree or disagree with these home trends. Are there some that are missing? Well, let us know in the comments below!