People are sharing this heartwarming story of the Queen’s encounter with two American tourists

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The Queen often went on long tours of the grounds at Windsor Castle. (Getty)
The Queen often went on long tours of the grounds at Windsor Castle. (Getty)

A story about the Queen bumping into two American tourists who did not recognise her has been widely shared online.

The Queen passed away on Thursday aged 96 and almost immediately after stories of her life were shared by those who knew her.

Shared by Sky News' Sophy Ridge and viewed more than six million times on Twitter, the story is told by former royal protection officer Richard Griffin.

He says he and the Queen were walking around the grounds of Windsor and they bumped into the two Americans near a picnic site.

You can watch the video on Twitter here if the tweet below doesn't load.

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Griffin said: "It was clear from the moment we stopped they hadn't recognised the Queen."

He then said the American man began talking about their holiday before asking the Queen if she had been coming here often.

The Queen then responded: "I live in London but I've got a holiday home just the other side of the hills."

He then asked the Queen how often she visited, to which she responded over 80 years.

Richard Griffin recounts the story. (Sky News)
Richard Griffin recounts the story. (Sky News)

The American then said asked her if she had ever met the Queen to which the Queen replied: "Well I haven't but Dick here meets her regularly."

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The Americans, who were impressed by the answer, then asked Griffin what she was like to which he said: "She can be very cantankerous at times but she's got a lovely sense of humour."

They then asked the Queen to take a picture of them and Griffin, to which she agreed.

Griffin then took a picture of the Queen with the Americans.

After they had gone the Queen said to Griffin: "I would love to be a fly on the wall when he shows those photographs to friends in America."

Windsor Castle was one of the Queen's favourite places. (Getty)
Windsor Castle was one of the Queen's favourite places. (Getty)

The clip attracted thousands of positive comments online.

Craig Cassells replied: "Just a normal person with a sense of humour Great story."

James Hope-Gill said it was a "great memory".

Ann Marie Buscema said it was a "wonderful" story.

With the death of the Queen, King Charles has now taken the throne but his coronation will be months away while the UK enters a period of mourning.