"There's Just No Excuse For It": People Are Sharing Signs That Someone Is Trashy, And I Definitely Don't Do Any Of These

Sometimes you see someone do something and it just screams "trashy." You know what I'm talking about.

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Redditor u/cute_meowing recently asked the people of Reddit, "What's a sign that someone is straight up trashy?" Man, if you're doing any of these things on a regular basis — well, here's your official warning:

1."People who throw violent tantrums at fast food employees over chicken nuggets."


2."Just casually littering."


Someone littering out their car window
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3."Making fun of others who have less."


4."Not taking care of their kids."


5."If they mistreat animals. There's just no excuse for it."


A sad kitty
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6."Using your speaker phone in public."


7."A sticker on their vehicle window of Calvin pissing on something."


8."Taking up two parking spaces."


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9."Doesn’t return the grocery cart."


a grocery cart in a parking lot
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10."People who use others and get upset when they are called out for it."


11."Barefoot in a public bathroom."


A man barefoot by a toilet
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12."Getting in fights in public places."


13."They don't wash their hands after using the bathroom, especially after shitting."


A person washing their hands
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14."Truck nuts."


15."Not picking up after their dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


A woman picking up her dog's poo
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16."Swearing at kids."


17."Chewing with their mouth open."


A woman taking a bite of food
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18."I was recently on vacation in New Orleans, and this woman who was staying at our hotel was telling a story to her adult daughter and (I assume) another family member about her very active sex life. The entire pool area could hear it. She went into detail that she and her husband were so intimate that he would shave her anal area. So, that."


19."Making snarky remarks on social media about anyone they don't like."


And finally...

20."Trash, usually. My neighbors moved in 18 months ago, and their garbage has been spilling out onto the street, their front yard filled with an ever-growing collection of abandoned kitchen appliances. They throw their regular trash into my recycling bin loudly at 2 a.m., laughing while they do so, and they dump their furniture out on the street in front of mine and other people's yards. They seem to add nothing to the world but noise, antisocial behavior, and garbage."


Garbage on the curb
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Agree? Disagree? Got your own red flags to share? See you in the comments!

Note: These entries have been edited for length and clarity.