"We Never Saw Him Again": People Are Sharing All The Times The Class Clown Went Too Far, And The Stories Are Unbelievable

Everyone knew a class clown or two from their school days — and sometimes that class clown took things way too far.

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Redditor u/Sharp_Emu6639 recently asked the people of Reddit, "When did the class clown go too far?" Suffice to say, prepare yourself for some truly unbelievable tales:

1."A classmate thought it would be funny to light somebody's mullet on fire in the middle of class."


2."Our class clown choked on candy. We thought it was another one of his jokes. The whole class laughed at him, even the teacher. Then, his face started to go red, his eyes got bloodshot, and he started slamming the table violently. Luckily, somebody gave him the Heimlich maneuver and saved his life. Dude nearly died while everyone sat laughing at him."


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3."When I was in high school, we were on our way to the zoo for an excursion and a friend of mine who was the epitome of a class clown held a sign up to the glass back window of the bus that read 'bomb on bus.' One of the people driving behind the bus called it in, and there was an absolute shit show evacuating a busload of students onto one of Australia's busiest freeways. I should probably mention that this occurred a few months after the September 11 attacks when the world was still adjusting to the new normal."


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4."Middle school in 2006, a kid I knew didn’t want to turn in his English essay on Monday so he wrote bomb threats in a few of the bathroom stalls. We still had school Monday, he still failed the assignment, and one of the teachers eventually recognized his handwriting. We never saw him again."


5."Dude announced a 'Watch this' to his friends during one lunchtime and walked out with a grin on his face and a suitcase. He was wearing a school colors jacket. Shortly thereafter, the fire department rolled up and assisted with the evacuations. He'd smoke-bombed the hell out of the place."


6."Public school, small town. My graduating class only had 54 students in it. Kid smeared his shit all over the bathroom. Walls, floor, sinks, everywhere. The principal had no way of knowing who it was, so the solution was to take the bathroom doors off the hinges."


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7."He came back to the school after hours, rubbed his balls all over the doorknobs, put caulking in the locks, and spray-painted pot leaves everywhere. Of course, he didn’t know there were cameras, so it didn’t take long for him to be caught. This was right before graduation, too, so he didn’t walk at graduation, and his parents had a hefty damage bill to pay."


8."It was September 11, 2001. The attacks on the World Trade Center had just happened. We were in our first class of the day, and the teacher prefaced talking about it all by asking, 'Does anyone know where the World Trade Center is?' The class clown quickly replied with, 'On the ground now!' A couple of his buddies chuckled a bit, but the rest of us were shocked. The teacher was so pissed off that she physically dragged him to the principal's office. He wound up getting detention. This happened in Ontario, not far from the New York border."


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9."There was an overhead projector in the back of the room that wasn’t plugged into the wall. The class clown found this projector, fiddled with the plug, and then eventually cut the cord off the projector with a metal piece from his desk. He ended up stripping out the insulation from the cord and had bare wire in one hand and a plug in the other. So he plugged it back into the wall and touched a desk. There was a big flash. Kids said, 'Holy shit!' Then, he touched a girl with it. She was fine, but it shocked her pretty good."


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10."Some folks in our class used to throw wet paper that they chewed on against the ceiling quite often. It'd stick on there, and it looked disgusting. The clown wanted to one-up those folks, and he chewed a giant ball of paper and threw it at the blackboard. The teacher wrote around it and acted as if nothing happened, then shouted at him after class was over."


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11."He found a dead lizard and tried to gift it to a teacher. The teacher fainted and hit her head on her table. We had to call the school nurse."


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12."He stole the English teacher's sub's plans and rewrote them, giving us all a free period. Terrance, wherever you are, you're a fucking legend."


13."He took his arse out to fart on someone. He bent over and did the fart, it turned into a shart, and a turd rolled down his leg."


14."Kept making ‘Yo Mama’ jokes to my friend who’d just lost his mom to cancer. My friend snapped and broke his nose."


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15."Art class. The teacher leaves, and the class clown says, 'Dare me to eat this paint?' My buddy and I tell him to do whatever the hell he wants. He stands on a chair and eats two tubes of paint, and when the teacher walks back in, he gets marched to the nurse. Later that day, my buddy and I get called to the principal's office. We were informed he's at the hospital getting his stomach pumped and it was OUR fault. The clown showed up the next day, grinning and laughing, because he heard we got in trouble."


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16."We had a student teacher for six months when I was in sixth grade, and toward the end of her time with us, she had to record herself teaching a lesson to the class for her school. We had this class clown who happened to be near the camcorder. During the recording, he apparently kept saying things like 'Shit, penis, fuck,' quiet enough for no one in class to hear but loud enough to be obvious on the recording. The student teacher ended up having to redo the entire video, and we had to sit through the exact same lesson a week later without the class clown present."


17."He set his own chair on fire during an exam."


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18."He started jumping rope with the small intestine of a fetal pig during bio."


19."They put staples in the substitute's coffee. I went to school with some real monsters."


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And finally...

20."They put some firecrackers into the toilet and blew it up."


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