People Are Sharing "Ugly" Photos Of Their Newborns, Plus More Internet Trends This Week

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First up: If you thought all babies are beautiful, think again. Because parents on TikTok are sharing the photos they used as birth announcements (cute!) and the *actual* first photos of their kid (not so cute!).

Frankly, I'm scared!!!

Seriously, who knew babies' heads come out like that? Not me!

Moving on (please), Drake upset the internet more than these babies when he attempted a "day in the life" video on Instagram.

He was apparently trying to replicate similar videos from popular influencer @drewwalls10.

Buuuut, based on the comments, people think he missed the mark. I mean, the indoor pool isn't very relatable, Drake!

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@champagnepapi / Via Instagram: @champagnepapi

Meanwhile, on Twitter, people are asking if they can come over. "And do what?" you may ask. Well, mostly just stare at you, it seems.

Twitter: @ladyparasitic

Although perhaps you'd be interested in your guests acting unhinged at a party.

Twitter: @eviIcherub

Or maybe, um, whatever *this* is!

Twitter: @eggshellfriend

Or not — totally up to you!

Twitter: @successtextpost

Last but not least, we've got the ketchup cleaning challenge happening on TikTok, where women test their partners' ability to wipe up spilled sauce, to varying success.

I mean, yikes!

Good effort, but what about the cleaning spray, my man!

Thankfully, *some* men passed the test:

Phew! Now let's see what snippets of joy we can grab from the internet today.

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Be: the main character sometimes.

Live: in the salad bowl home.

Twitter: @earlygirl__

Watch: Law & Order: SVU (Boston's Version).

Twitter: @azonfrelli

Rethink: your Oscars party spread. (RIP to the snubs.)

Twitter: @emma_chapple

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