Perak firms upset by power grab rumours

John Bunyan
PCCCI president Datuk Liew Sew Yee addresses a press conference in Ipoh March 25, 2019. — Picture by Farhan Najib

IPOH, March 25 — The business community in Perak are concerned about talks of a possible change in the state government, said Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCCI) president Datuk Liew Sew Yee.

He said the economy was already soft and such rumours worsened matters.

“We are concerned that such rumours or talks circulating in the state and country will certainly affect the investor’s confidence.

“Anything that causes disability in the government will give businessmen and investors a reason to hold from coming into state to start up their businesses,” he told a press conference at PCCCI office here.

The press conference was also attended by the members of the Perak Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DPPM Perak) and Perak Indian Chamber and Commerce (PICC).

Liew stressed that stability was more vital than a government’s performance.

“Performance of the government is crucial and important, there is no doubt, but at the same time we also should maintain the stability of the political situation, which is more important than some shortcomings.

“Give the government full five years, let them run the show. There are shortcomings, but they should be given the chance as they are new in office. We gave the previous administration 60 years and the current government needs time as well,” he said.

“Leave the state and stop politicking. Time has to tell whether they are deserving to continue the next term,” he added.

DPPM Perak president Datuk Muhammad Muhiyuddin Abdullah said such rumours could jeopardise planned investments in the state.

“The Malayan Flour Mills Bhd had invested RM600 million in the poultry industry in the state while Top Glove company also invested millions after the new government came into effect.

“Any changes in the government will definitely affect them,” he said. 

Umno and PAS have formally allied, prompting speculation that the two parties may try to take over the Perak administration.

In the 14th general election, Umno won 27 seats while PAS won three in Perak. PH won 29 seats.

No single coalition or party had then commanded the numbers needed for a simple majority.

However, Pakatan Harapan was able to form the state government when two lawmakers left Umno to pledge support to the coalition.

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