Perak floods: 250,000 people to benefit from project


IPOH:An ambitious project is on the cards to curb floods that affect some 250,000 people across the state.

The Sungai Perak Integrated River Basin (Phase 1) project will see flood mitigation and drainage systems put in place, as well as rehabilitation of the 450km river. Three key components of the RM250 million plan are flood mitigation projects in Lenggong, Kampung Sungai Siput Chandan, Kampung Gajah and Teluk Intan; Kuala Kangsar drainage project; and living river project to beautify and reinforce Sungai Perak.

Perak Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) director Juhaimi Jusoh said the projects could curb floods in low-lying areas once completed by 2020.

Some 250,000 people were living in flood-prone areas, where the flood mitigation projects would be implemented, he said.

“The flood mitigation projects will see the strengthening of riverbanks, construction of bridges and a systematic drainage network.

“With all these in place to mitigate floods, there would be better development of the agriculture sector,” Juhaimi said.

Yields could increase and land erosion could be reduced once the flood mitigation systems were implemented, he added.

There will also be gouging or reconstruction of the river at Kampung Sungai Siput Chandan to improve the water flow and construction of bunds to strengthen the river that cuts across Teluk Intan.

All this will reduce floods and bursting of riverbanks.

The Kuala Kangsar drainage project will see the network of drains upgraded for better flow of water, particularly during rainy seasons, to curb flash floods.

The living river project, Juhaimi said, involved two main projects — corridor beautification and strengthening of riverbanks.

“The living river project includes a 20km bicycle trail from Chenderoh to Manong.

“The corridor beautification project in Kuala Kangsar includes landscaping, strengthening of riverbanks and building four rest and recreational areas. They will be in Dataran Jambatan Victoria, Dataran Rekreasi R&R Menora, DID’s Taman Rekreasi, as well as Dataran Manong and Kampung Guar,” Juhaimi said.

He said a 93km stretch of Sungai Perak riverbank would also be upgraded, which involved 15 villages.