At Perak RTD auction, intense bidding for confiscated vehicles

By Sylvia Looi
The Perak RTD's second public auction for seized vehicles attracted intense bidding for the 17 motorcycles, four cars and one lorry, held in Ipoh today collected RM12,080 in one-and-a-half hours. ― Picture by Marcus Pheong

IPOH, Nov 15 ― The Perak Road Transport Department (RTD) succeeded in collecting over RM40,000 from the sale of confiscated vehicles at two public auctions this month.

At the second auction held here at 10am today, a total of 17 motorcycles, four cars and one lorry went on the block and drew intense bids from 30 people, earning the department RM12,080.

“A total of RM40,380 have been collected from both auctions,” state RTD director Mohd Zawawi Zakaria said after the one-and-a-half hour auction.

The first auction took place Monday at the Taiping RTD with 27 seized vehicles, comprising 16 motorcycles, four vans and seven cars, went on the block.

Among the successful bidders was workshop owner Abdul Rahim Yatim who spent a total of RM5,570 to bid for 10 motorcycles.

Abdul Rahim, who operates the Dew Auto Enterprise at Changkat Jering, said he spent RM15,500 during the auction in Taiping.

“I can get good returns from what I spent,” the 55-year-old said, adding that in his 17 years in the industry, the highest amount he has bidded was for a Yamaha RXZ during the auction held by Kuala Lumpur RTD last year where he paid RM4,500 for the machine.

“I managed to sell the motorcycle for RM8,000,” he added.

As for his haul at the Perak RTD, Abdul Rahim said the highest amount he paid was RM2,000 for a Yamaha LC.

“I can sell the machine for RM5,000,” he added confidently.

Earlier during the bidding, the motorcycle attracted intense bidding.

Bid for the 2009 made machine began at RM300 before Abdul Rahim managed to clinch it when he offered RM2,000.

Abdul Rahim also managed to bid for a 1996 Yamaha RXZ for RM1,500.

Fellow bidder Ridzuan Mohamad said he was prompted by Abdul Rahim to bid for some of the 11 motorcycles.

“I did not manage to calculate how much I spent yet,” said the 57-year-old workshop owner from Kuala Kangsar.

The highest bid Ridzuan paid were RM650 each for two Honda EX5.