Perfume group to go on first Asian tour

Perfume group to go on first Asian tour

30 Jul - Japanese electro-pop group Perfume would be going on their first Asian live tour in October.

According to Tokyo Hive, Perfume member Nishiwaki Ayaka made the announcement during their "Hyouketsu Summer Night" special live event, where they performed their latest single "Hurly Burly" with 3D holograms of themselves.

The girls would be commencing their Asian tour in Taiwan on 26 October, then to Hong Kong on 7 November, Korea on 17 November and in Singapore on 24 November.

The group also announced that they would be releasing a special compilation album "Perfume Global Compilation: Love The World", which will have danceable tracks and some of their classic hits such as "Polyrhythm", "Laser Beam", "Chocolate Disco" and "Fake It".

The album would be released on 12 September, and they plan to release it overseas during their tour.

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