Perrie Edwards explains why she hasn't set a wedding date

Perrie Edwards won't get married until her son is old enough to play a part in her big day.

The 31-year-old singer and her fiancé Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain got engaged two years ago and though their plans for wedding are "set in stone", they won't set a date just yet because they want two-year-old Axel to be aware of what is going on.

Speaking to an Australian radio station, she said: "I feel like we’ve already planned it. In our minds we know, and we talk about it a lot – Alex more so than me actually which is really cute because he wants it to pop off.

"He wants a party, a performer, he wants it to be a big thing. I’m like, I know who I want as bridesmaids and this and that. It’s all kind of set in stone but we haven’t actually planned it yet.

"There’s a lot going on in my life right now, I’ve got so much. We’ve said about waiting for Axel to be older and then he can be a pageboy or whatever. It makes more sense."

The former Little Mix singer has released two solo singles, 'Forget About Us' and 'Tears', but she is in no rush to finish her album.

She said: "I’m annoying but I’m still working on things. You get one chance, and it has to be perfect. I feel like it is done but there’s little tweaks I want to do still.

"I will get there; it will definitely be pre-order this year I think."

Perrie and Alex have been together for eight years, but the pop star admitted in April they've never lived together.

She said on 'The Jonathan Ross Show': "I can't lie, it is hard.

"When he was playing for Liverpool and based in Manchester, it was so easy to do the back and forth, but Turkey is a little bit further and he doesn't get a lot of time off.

"I'm trying to launch a solo career whilst having a two year old so it is a lot to juggle but we make it work for the ones we love, don't we?

"We've never lived together anyway - the whole eight years we've been in a relationship; we've never actually lived together."