Persona 3 Reload receives the biggest launch of concurrent Steam players in the franchise's history

 Persona 3 Reload in-game screenshot.
Persona 3 Reload in-game screenshot.

What you need to know

  • Persona 3 Reload, a remake of one of Atlus' beloved JRPGs, Persona 3 has recently been released on home consoles and PC via Windows Store and Steam.

  • Over twenty-four hours after Persona 3 Reload launched, it broke the Persona series' record for the highest number of concurrent players playing it on Steam, peaking at 42,112.

  • The previous record was held by Persona 5 Royal, which held an all-time peak record of 35,474 players on Steam sixteen months ago.

At long last, Persona 3 Reload, the much-anticipated remake of Atlus' cult-classic JRPG, Persona 3, has been released for Xbox consoles, PlayStation 5, and PC via Windows and Steam.

After releasing on February 2, 2024, for home consoles and PCs, Persona 3 Reload accomplished an extraordinary feat for the Persona franchise. According to SteamDb's charts, Persona 3 Reload has broken the franchise's record for the highest number of concurrent players on Steam, reaching a peak of 42,112.

SteamDB page for Persona 3 Reload
SteamDB page for Persona 3 Reload

The previous highest concurrent player record for the series was held previously by the most popular entry in the series, Persona 5 Royal, at around 35,474 players. In addition, Persona 4 Golden's peak record was 29,984 players.

This means that Persona 3 Reload has achieved the most significant launch on Steam in the franchise's history, and it's only done so in only over twenty hours after it launched.

Persona 3 Reload breaks franchise records

It's clear that many people have been eager to play this game, and after reviewing the Xbox Series X version of Persona 3 Reload, I completely understand why. It's an incredible remake that has improved the original game in almost every way, from its next-gen graphics to revamped gameplay, quality-of-life improvements, and polished story.

While some content from Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable is sadly not included in the remake, that doesn't stop Persona 3 Reload from being one of the best Xbox games and best PC games of 2024 (thus far).

If you're a Persona or JRPG fan who hasn't checked out Persona 3 Reload yet, I highly recommend doing so to see why many people on Steam are playing this smash hit. If you are playing it and it is your first time experiencing Persona games, check out our Persona 3 Reload Tips and Tricks guide to avoid making rookie mistakes.

Persona 3 Reload is now available for purchase after releasing on February 2, 2024, for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via the Microsoft Store & Steam.

Persona 3 Reload

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