Persona 5 Publisher Raises Salaries Amid Industry-Wide Layoffs

Persona 5's Joker smirks at the camera.
Persona 5's Joker smirks at the camera.

Developer-publisher Atlus is reportedly raising the annual salaries of its Japanese staff by 15 percent, a move that is the total opposite of what’s been happening across the U.S. labor market (and the games industry specifically) for months now.

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It’s worth noting that game developer salaries in Japan are considerably lower than what we’re used to here in the U.S. According to the job tracker Glassdoor, the average salary for a Japanese game developer is approximately 5,230,356 yen. At current exchange rates this is just shy of $35,000 USD, which is about $55,000 USD less than the average developer salary in the U.S.

Kotaku reached out to Atlus for comment.

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Combined with an earlier five percent salary bump in April of this year, it’s nice that Atlus seems to be reinvesting some of its profits into the people who make its success possible in the first place. Hopefully, other companies will take notice and follow suit. Pay your people!

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