This personal watercraft is fully electric with a hydrofoil system

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The weather is warming up, and the water is calling. If you’re fortunate enough to be in the market for your very own watercraft then this zero-emission hydrofoil is a must-see. Neocean Overboat is a single-seater, all-electric watercraft designed for people seeking an environmentally friendly alternative to jet skis. What makes this craft unique is the hydrofoil system that gives riders the experience of “flying” over water. Overboat’s hydrofoil system is retractable, allowing riders to venture into shallow waters with ease. It's not a water speed demon, though, as the Overboat can reach speeds of 15 knots or approximately 17 mph with a “take-off” speed of 8.6 mph. According to Neocean, A fully charged Overboat can be operated for 2 hours at 12.6 mph. Propelling the Overboat is a direct drive motor powered by a 70Ah 48V battery. According to the Overboat starts at around €13,500 or approximately $14,277 as of writing this post.

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