Pet Owners will Love Land Rover’s Dog-Friendly Accessories

Cherryl Anne Cruz

If you’re reading this, then we’d bet your car (scale collectible only) that you have a dog. And if we’d get bolder still, then we’d also hazard a guess that you treat your furry friends as part of the family.

If you said yes to both, then you’d most likely love Land Rover’s latest dog gear accessories.

Designed for canines and SUVs in mind, we were almost expecting a tag in front of the windows that says: “Humans and quasi-humans optional here.” And nowhere can you find ample evidences of such overt discrimination than in the three “Pet Packs” Range Rover is offering for canines. As if these dogs will pay for all the gears, accessories, and gas, right? There isn’t even a special mat made for drivers here.

Shame on the injustice.

Kidding aside, it’s really something that your pet dog will surely enjoy (and appreciate). According to Land Rover, these gear accessories allow dogs to travel in real comfort, making long journeys simpler and more relaxing. You can choose from among these three variants:

Pet Load Space Protection Pack

Includes a quilted load space liner to protect your car’s floor, side wall carpets, and rear seat backs. The liner is made from soft fabric with an integral rubber mat. Also includes a full-height luggage partition and a 350 ml. spill-resistant water bowl.

Pet Transportation Pack

Includes a foldable pet carrier made from lightweight metal frame, quilted fabric cushion, and net windows. A 350 ml. spill-resistant water bowl and a load space rubber mat is also included in this package.

Pet Care and Access Pack

Includes a full-height luggage partition, quilted load space liner, pet access ramp, and portable rinse system. The portable rinse system can hold up to 6.5 liters of water, and can deliver up to “five minutes of continuous flow” depending on which of the five spray settings is being used.

Initially sold in the U.K. starting at GBP360 (around PHP25,000), these packs are now invading the United States, and who knows? It might even spread across Asia in the near future. One thing’s for sure, though: they will already have one avid “quasi-human” (ehem) waiting in line just in case it arrives here in the Philippines.

Yes, everyone–to hell with injustice.

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