Pet shop manager who fought with SDA fined, SDA's case pending

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A man standing with a clenched fist.
A man standing with a clenched fist. (PHOTO: Getty)

SINGAPORE — A pet shop manager who threw a stone lion statue at a Safe Distancing Ambassador (SDA) was fined $2,000 on Wednesday (9 June), with the SDA's case for a similar charge to be dealt with at a later date. 

He Jun, a 48-year-old Singaporean, pleaded guilty to one count of affray, while one count of uttering Hokkien vulgarities at the SDA was considered for his sentencing. For affray, He could have been jailed up to a year or fined up to $5,000, or both.

The SDA that He fought with, Aloysius Hoe Wei Peng, 40, is also facing criminal charges for kicking He and verbally abusing him.

He was the manager of Little Pet Kingdom at Block 928 Yishun Central 1, when Hoe and a female SDA came across him on 16 December last year.

Both Hoe and his colleague were wearing their lanyards. Hoe directed his colleague to take a photo of the pet shop, as he had seen He not wearing a mask while in the pet shop. His colleague obliged and took a photo, which was witnessed by He.

He approached the female SDA outside the pet shop and asked her why she had taken a photo. Hoe asked He what was wrong, and an argument broke out between the duo.

During the dispute, Hoe kicked He, while He threw a stone lion statue from a nearby table at Hoe. The men grappled with each other and fell to the ground while exchanging blows.

The pair were separated by a 62-year-old man who worked at a print shop next to Little Pet Kingdom.

The police received a message about the incident, which read “I am an SDA. I was doing my job. However, he beat me up. I do not need ambulance.”

He did not seek medical attention despite having a swollen hand. Hoe was diagnosed with bruises and abrasions on his body. The stone lion statue was later seized as a case exhibit.

Hoe’s case is still pending before the court. The SDA faces one charge of using insulting words on He by hurling Hokkien vulgarities at him, and one count of affray. 

Separately, Hoe faces one charge of committing mischief at Waterway Point Shopping Centre on 3 February last year for stepping on a pair of spectacles belonging to a man. The spectacles are said to be worth $200. Hoe is also alleged to have kicked the same man in common intention with a woman, in the same incident.

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