Find your pet's lookalikes in works of art

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Google Arts & Culture can now find your pet's lookalikes in works of art.

Google is launching Pet Portraits, a fun feature that lets users find lookalikes of their dog or cat in works of art around the world. It is, in fact, a pet version of Art Selfie, which already lets users find their own doppelgängers -- this time in human form -- in pieces of art.

Could your pet be matched with ancient Egyptian figurines, Mexican street art or Chinese watercolors? To find out, just open Google's Arts & Culture mobile app, select the rainbow camera and take a picture of the animal. Artificial intelligence will then do the rest. A machine learning algorithm compares the photo to tens of thousands of artworks from the collections of Google's partners in Arts & Culture, in order to find possible matches.

For each result, a percentage indicates the degree of resemblance between your animal and the work found. In theory, this solution works just as well with dogs and cats as with fish, birds, rabbits and reptiles. You are then free to share (or not) the results on social media via the #PetPortraits hashtag.

Pet Portraits is based on the same principle as Art Selfie, which lets users search for their own lookalikes through the history of art.

The Google Arts & Culture mobile application can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

David Bénard

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