PH5 Pre-Fall 2024

PH5’s signature wavy motif received an update for pre-fall 2024, with designers Zoe Champion and Wei Lin creating elevated pieces aimed at expanding their customer base

The designers were inspired by nature this season, looking to botanical imagery as their starting point for the knitwear collection.

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“Science and art always play a part for us as a brand,” Champion said. “We’re a knitwear laboratory, we have this UV-reactive yarn and we’ve had hyaluronic acid yarn — we’re always trying to play in this scientific spectrum in our knitwear, but also this art space. So it felt like a nice place to start in the collection.”

The designers started with their wavy motif for the collection, updating it with various hems, fringe detailing, floral embellishments, rich colors, different necklines and looser fits to give a fresh take on the style that’s been a bestseller since the brand launched more than five years ago.

Other styles included a backless version of the maxi wavy dress, one with a wavy neckline or an oversize polo, all designed in a color palette of browns, oranges and purples.

“We played with what is a color that does occur in nature — like brown is such a common color in nature — but then how do we make it look unnatural?” Champion said. “It’s been computer generated so it’s pushing that oddness in the collection.”

The oversize styles are a departure from the brand’s usual body-con pieces and are intended to grow PH5’s customer base, particularly with a male clientele. The designers also repurposed their signature “fake denim,” which is created out of knitwear and meant to resemble a pair of jeans.

PH5’s pre-fall collection showed an expansive, yet cohesive take on the brand’s signature design codes, and showed that the designers are able to give an elevated, luxurious spin on their trendy silhouettes.

Launch Gallery: PH5 Pre-Fall 2024