Philip Keung wins first award in 32 years

8 Nov – Hong Kong actor Philip Keung has recently won his first award at the 2017 PROFIMA International Film Fest & Awards.

As reported on HK01, the actor, who has never won an award for the 32 years he has been in the film industry, won PIFFA Supreme Best Supporting Actor for his role in the Andy Lau-starrer, "Shockwave", beating other worthy contenders including Lin Po-hung ("At Cafe 6"), and Yusuke Iseya ("The Tenor").

Philip, who appeared at the award event in Malaysia, enthused, "This award truly is a connection to Malaysia. My grandfather is Malaysian and my grandmother is a Malaysian Chinese."

"This is my first film award in 32 years of my career. I am very grateful and hopeful to have a great beginning," he said, as he thanked his wife for being his best supporter.

Other winners include Hong Kong director Stanley Tong, who won Best Director for his movie "Kung Fu Yoga", and Josie Ho, who won Best Supporting Actress for "The Room".

Prior to winning the award, Philip Keung received his first award nomination at last year's Hong Kong Film Awards for his role in "Trivisa".

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