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CID crime scene investigation

Course participants from the CID prepare to process a ‘crime scene’ during the CID’s Shooting Reconstruction Workshop. They must wear masks, gloves and shoe covers to avoid contaminating the crime scene.
Photo: Hannah Teoh/Yahoo News Singapore

PHOTOS: CID officers learn from US forensic expert to examine 'shooting incident'

Hannah Teoh
Senior Content Producer

Guns were fired at the windscreen and the side of a vehicle, prompting several police officers to rush to the scene.

But it was just a demonstration conducted by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), during which a US-based forensic expert brought the officers to examine the aftermath of the “shooting incident”.

For many of the participating forensic officers and investigators from the Singapore Police Force, it was the first time that they were participating in such a shooting reconstruction workshop. The ongoing workshop started on 9 November and will conclude on 13 November.

The workshop aims to help police officers gain better understanding of how they can reconstruct and investigate a scene in the aftermath of a terrorist shooting incident.

The workshop was led by Dr Henry C. Lee, a renowned forensic scientist who has been involved in over 8,000 cases. Lee helped investigate cases such as the September 11 terrorist attacks, the trial of former American football star OJ Simpson and the shooting of former Taiwan president Chen Shui-bian.

Dr Lee said, “In Singapore, there are only a few cases with gunshots. However we cannot wait until something happens to learn what to do. We should do some exercises and study way ahead of time.”

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