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Media preview for navy’s ‘sea marshals’ on 17 April 2018

An ASSeT member demonstrating the use of an ASP baton, one of the non-lethal weapons carried by members of the unit. (PHOTO: Yahoo News Singapore / Dhany Osman

PHOTOS: Navy's sea marshals out to detect, deter maritime terror threats

With about 1,000 ships either passing through our waters or calling into our ports every day, the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) relies on the Maritime Security Task Force’s 180 Squadron (180 SQN) to help keep the nation safe from seaborne threats.

Half comprised of full-time national servicemen, the 180 SQN makes uses of its Accompanying Sea Security Teams (ASSeTs) to conduct boarding and inspection operations on suspicious vessels within our waters.

Working closely with the Police Coast Guards, these heavily armed “sea marshals” conduct over 550 boarding operations each year to help detect, deter and prevent acts of maritime terrorism.

Ahead of a visit by members of the Advisory Council on Community Relations in Defence on Thursday (19 April), the RSN held a media preview event on Tuesday to showcase the work done by the ASSeT troops.