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Special Operations Command (SOC) display 27 November 2017

SOC officers are called upon to maintain public order and security, police tactical operations and other operations. Photo: Hannah Teoh/Yahoo News Singapore

PHOTOS: A rare look at Singapore’s special operations officers in action

Hannah Teoh
Senior Content Producer

Police officers from the Special Operations Command (SOC) showcased their abilities in a rare preview the media were allowed to observe at the Home Team Tactical Centre (HTTC) in Mandai on Monday (27 Nov).

The SOC’s Rapid Deployment Troops re-enacted a simulated threat using their tactical response motorcycles and vehicles with live firing.

Officers from the Special Tactics and Rescue (STAR) Team also demonstrated rappelling from a height along with the use of explosives to force entry into a building.

Commenting on how special operations training has changed to meet the evolving face of terrorism, Superintendent Tan Tian Yeow, the assistant director of the Operations Department Contingency Planning Division told reporters, “The HTTC offers us invaluable opportunities to carry out such training.

“It allows us to reconfigure the site for different scenarios so that we can exercise and train in different situations we might encounter.”

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