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Seletar Airport’s new passenger terminal to open by end-2018

The entrance to Seletar Airport. (PHOTO: Yahoo News Singapore / Dhany Osman)

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    Don't look really big. How many flights per day from this airport arriving and departuring? If need to transit, may need to travel to Changi Airport for transit?
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    MostLame ideology!
    PAPpies always complain S'pore is land scarce, but can always find extra land to expand airports......
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    Malindo and Lion air will start their turboprop operation at Seletar airport also, breaking off FIreflyz lucrative flight to Subang.

    Maybe flight to Melaka or Batam or Tioman if there is demand
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    the Guru
    how about flying to jB, to replace the high speed train
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    I thought they are asking people for money to build T5? and now Seletar terminal suddenly pops out. Very funny in how they plan the infrastructure.
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    My late Dad used to tell us stories of him working at Changi and Seletar Aerodrome during the 2nd World War. It was called aerodrome and not airports those days. I wonder if this new airport was built on the same site. There was a Pandan aerodrome too, I wonder where that is.
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    Wooo hooo we can finally have domestic flight from Changi to Seletar ..
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    Fifth Terminal is already work in progress. Why is there a need to open up Seletar Airport ? Maybe,it is to prepare for aliens landing,as travellers are on transit to other countries that are cheaper than this "smart" and expensive tiny red dot !
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    so what? no big deal!
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    Hhhmmm..........Just admit it. It's a budget terminal located on the same tarmac as a private jet terminal.