Photos Show Destruction And Scramble For Survivors After Deadly Mexico Earthquake

A 7.1 magnitude earthquakeshook the central Mexican state of Puebla on Tuesday afternoon, less than two weeks after another powerful quake in the country killed at least 217 people. 

Dramatic video footagefeatured on Mexican televisionshowed downed power lines, and buildings collapsing into the streets.At least 20 children were killedand dozens more were missing after a primary school was destroyed.

The disaster struck exactly 32 years after a devastating 8.0 magnitude earthquake killed as many as 10,000 people in the Mexico City area. It came just hours after Mexicans across the countrytook part in earthquake drills to mark the anniversary, according to Reuters.

The following photos show some of the destruction caused by Tuesday’s quake. Read morehere.

Rescuers, firefighters, policemen, soldiers and volunteers remove rubble and debris.
Rescuers searching for survivors buried under the rubble ask for silence to help locate those who may be trapped.
Rescuers and residents assist an injured victim amid the ruins of a building that was knocked down. 
A woman reacts after she and others were rescued. 
Workers walk past a collapsed building. 
Debris is pictured at the site of a collapsed building. 
Rescuers look for survivors in a multistory building.
Rescuers searched into the night for survivors. 
Volunteers use shovels to remove debris and search for survivors. 
A man stands next to a car crushed by debris from a damaged building after a quake rattled Mexico City on Tuesday.
People remove debris of a collapsed building.
A powerful earthquake shook Mexico City on Tuesday, causing panic among the megalopolis' 20 million inhabitants on the 32nd anniversary of a devastating 1985 quake. 
A woman reacts as a real quake rattles Mexico City on Tuesday as an earthquake drill was being held in the capital.
Exterior walls on a building crumbled during the earthquake.
People remove debris of a damaged building.

A woman carrying her baby rushes through the street.
People look through the debris of a building.
People search through debris. 
Police officers cordon the area off after a building collapsed. 
An awning collapsed onto parked cars. 
A building collapsed onto a car during the earthquake. 
A car is crushed by debris from a damaged building.
An injured woman is treated after the earthquake. 
A rescuer pulls a dog out of the rubble during the search for survivors in Mexico City on September 20, 2017. 

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