In Photos, this Singapore retail store sells only Kickstarter products

Yon Heong Tung

We The People stocks over 70 types of Kickstarter products

Left to right: We The People’s co-founders Nison Chan and Ryan Sim

Crowdfunded projects are a hit and miss affair. Many projects have, at the outset, looked like runaway successes, overshooting their funding goals; but a sizeable portion of these ‘hits’, despite having the backing, encountered complications along the way such as manufacturing issues.

As result, many funded Kickstarter projects fail to deliver on their promises, resulting in angry backers who often have no room for recourse (a crowdfunding project comes with no guarantees).

But what if there was a way to buy a Kickstarter product right off the shelf, without having to fret about whether it will ship or when it will arrive on your doorstep? (My fidget cube took about three months to ship — it was a pretty agonising wait).

We The People, is the only Singapore-based retail store that stocks Kickstarter products exclusively. So that means customers can inspect the items for themselves and see if they live up to the hype before putting down cash for them.

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The store was founded by Nison Chan, who is Head of Procurement, and Ryan Sim, who is Head of Marketing. They founded the outlet nine months ago with just 12 products. Today, it stocks over 70 brands. They have also opened a store in Korea.

There is a thorough curation process to ensure they stock only high-quality brands. Chan said the vetting process involves testing and “abusing” their products.

The prices of the items are either equivalent to the Kickstarter price or 20 per cent cheaper than that. Chan said they are able to see it as these low prices because they buy in bulk, so there is economies of scale because they save on shipping and tax costs.

Here are some photos of the store, located at the Millenia Walk in Singapore.

The Twist Plus+ One Adaptr is a sweet adaptor that allows you to charge up to five devices.

We The People stocks a good mix of tech and non-tech products.

Check out the AirBolt, a Bluetooth enabled smart lock.

Here we have Aico‘s universal remote, the Smart Egg.

Dripo is a 2-in-1 iced-drip coffee maker. It is also a tumbler.

Puzzles are fun for the whole family!

Cafflano is another portable coffee maker.

How to give out a cool hipster vibe: vintage-looking truck, the word “brew”, and organic food like herbs on sale.

In land-scarce Singapore, using a hi-tech incubator is an alternative way to grow food.

Epiqual claims to be the most beautiful toothbrush ever designed. I’ll stick with my Oral-B electric toothbrush.

Need to make your product photos look professional but don’t have the budget for a full-blown studio? Foldio might be able to help.

CARD storage packs all the accessories a smartphone user might require, such a SIM pin to extract SIM cards from iPhone.

We The People also displays prototypes of live projects. Sometimes, the creators of these projects will be at the store to chat with interested backers.

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