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Get Milk!

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Get Milk!
That now-classic milk mustache ad is spot on. Just one glass of milk a day has 30% of the calcium needs for the under-50 set. Add a few more ounces if you're over 50. The jury is still out about whether skim and fat-free versions are the best choices so go ahead and have whole milk if it tastes better to you. You'll be more likely to down the recommended amount and you'll only be spending about 150 to 175 calories depending on how many ounces you drink. Look for brands with vitamin D added for even more bone-boosting benefits.

15 Foods that Build Strong Bones

Foods that are calcium powerhouses can boost your bone health in four ways. First, the calcium in them helps prevent the thinning that is virtually inevitable for your postmenopausal skeleton. Second, several of the foods up your intake of vitamin D, which is also important for bone health. Third, when you eat calcium-rich foods, you enhance the effect of any osteoporosis drugs you may be taking. And finally, foods with calcium content heighten the benefit of weight-bearing exercise. Supplements can't entirely make up for a lack of calcium and vitamin D in your diet, so promise yourself to add these 15 good-and-good-for-you choices to your meal plan starting today!

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