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15 future stars of FC Barcelona


For every Korean Messi, you can expect a Japanese version – and this one still can't quite fit into his jersey. Shortly after 12-year-old Takefusa Kubo signed for La Masia in 2011, YouTube clips of the Asian prodigy’s scintillating skills surfaced, spreading his legend far and wide. The pint-sized (for now), left-footed forward moves with the ball practically plastered to his boots, dribbling and scoring with the ease of a seasoned professional. It’s really too early to tell, but scouts all over the world have already bookmarked this one.

15 future stars of FC Barcelona

Lionel Messi. Andres Iniesta. Xavi Hernandez. Accomplished football maestros of the highest order, with the technical ability to effortlessly make or break a game. All three have been key to FC Barcelona’s unparallelled success in recent years. All three, along with the likes of Carles Puyol and Sergio Busquets, honed their craft over years spent at the La Masia youth academy. It means “The Farmhouse” in English, but the production line gushing forth from La Masia truly contains an embarrassment of football riches. La Masia built the fabled Barcelona team of today -- now meet the next crop of talent rolling off the conveyor belt and with the potential to make headlines in time to come.

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