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A 23-year-battle to uncover the truth over land in Penang.

The family's Facebook page, titled “Seeking Justice for Our Grandma Boonsom – A 23 year battle against Adorna,” has over 6,000 likes.  Piya says he appreciates the advice received from the Malaysian Bar Council, the House Buyers Association and other 'strangers', ranging from professionals to lawyers and even students who have been supporting the Sosothikul family.

Battle for justice - A story of three generations

The family of the late Boonsom Boonyanit continues her struggle for justice, as her grandchildren Piya and Prithep Sosothikul take this high profile, but emotional case to find closure for the family.  They are appealing to the Malaysian Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Penang, to pay attention to their case, and are hoping that the authorities' decisions will be a turning point for other victims of land fraud in the rest of the country.  Yahoo! Malaysia's Susan Tam takes a look at the humble beginnings of Boonsom and her family.