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With toned curves like Beyoncé, there’s no wonder she is top in the beach body stakes. Even when she’s not on the beach, Beyoncé’s stage outfits can be just as revealing as a bikini so she keeps in shape with hours of dancing as well as weight training. She embraces her natural curves while maintaining discipline by exercising regularly and only having the occasional treat – there are no short cuts to a body like Beyoncé’s so be disciplined.

How to tone up, celebrity-style!

We’ve all been there: ogling at fabulous images of celebs on holidays, with their near-to-perfect bodies. They are a fine breed indeed, but there’s no reason we can’t look as fabulous as they do. All it takes is a teeny bit of work and dedication. Here's a little inspiration to get you started - ten celebrities with drool-worthy bodies. Turn envy into your own body beautiful. A RealBuzz story.