Japan’s mutated vegetables a Fukushima fallout?

In Japan, the adverse effects associated with Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown have been devastating. The mortality rate of elderly people who were in retirement facilities near the nuclear plant has reportedly tripled. There has also been reported increases in the number of children with flat feet, thought to be the result of kids playing on radiated soil. Devastation from the traveling radiation has even sickened infants born in other countries.
Fukushima fallout has apparently found its way into the food chain, as a series of photographs showing 'mutant vegetables from Japan' emerged online. The images show tomatoes bubbling with lumps, peaches that have doubled, oversized cabbages, a five-fingered turnip and mutated sunflower among others.
While it hasn’t been proved that the nuclear disaster is to blame for these deformities, high levels of a toxic radioactive isotope have been found in groundwater near the Fukushima nuclear plant. The contaminated water poses a great risk to the environment.