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Find Cheap Airfare

Photo by: Kayak.com
Find Cheap Airfare
My favorite site for searching inexpensive airfares is Kayak.com. You can see a month at a time and they search every site for you. Being flexible on your dates will help you save money. Kayak is the easiest site to search flexible dates.
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Jet Set for Less! 5 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

I love traveling and I think anyone can make travel a part of their lives with a little penny pinching. You might have to save up for an airline ticket, but there are lots of little things you can do to save money while you are on a trip. Whether you pack just a backpack and stay in a hostel, or walk instead of hire taxis, there are always ways to travel on a shoestring! Check out five things I always do when planning my trip or while on the road: - By Chelsea Fuss


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