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Photo by: zazzle.com
To humans, this is a royal anniversary logo emblazoned on a pet t-shirt . To dogs, it's an annoying piece of fabric worn in exchange for a treat. Mystery solved: dogs are smarter than their masters. $24.40. Related:
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Kate and Will's One-year Anniversary Sparks Souvenir Craze

By Piper Weiss, Shine staff.

And you thought you'd seen all the commemorative plates, mugs and figurines your brain could process when Kate and Will wed last April. As their one-year anniversary approaches, a slew of new souvenirs marking the newlywed's first 365 days as husband and wife are flooding the Internet. Do royal fans really need another set of Kate and Will playing cards or Middleton paper dolls? And do they have enough room in their pantries for yet another royal wedding mug? For better or worse, they do.