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Marielle, the fighter

Fifteen year old Marielle Mae Estoy, a cancer warrior, at her home in Pasig City, east of Manila, on 19 March 2012. Estoy has been fighting leukemia since she was 5. (Mike Alquinto/NPPA Images)

Marielle, the ultimate fighter

21 March 2012

While most of us are worrying about bills to pay, lusting about new gadgets, or simply upset over the horrible traffic, Marielle Mae Estoy is clinging on for her dear life.

Every day, Marielle is trying her best to conquer leukemia, an ailment that struck her when she was just five years old. Now already 15, Marielle is definitely a warrior: she has had two relapses, and has lost all her hair in the countless chemotherapy sessions her frail and young body has to endure.