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George Young

Nationality: Greek-Chinese Yes, he’s another model-turned-actor. This former lawyer has appeared in TV shows in Britain and Asia, most recently as the host of “Singapore’s Million Dollar Money Drop.” He was also in the film “The Pupil”, and the Bollywood hit “Jhootha Hi Sahi.” He’s currently working on some Mandarin dramas and another feature film. Is it okay for a girl to ask a guy out?: “One of the things that I'm most attracted to in a girl is confidence. When a girl asks me out, it's a huge plus point in my book. Saying that - start with coffee - whether it's a girl asking the guy out, a guy asking a girl out, or girl asking a girl out etc etc, if you just met the person, asking them if they fancy meeting up for a coffee and a chat is a better approach then going straight to popping the dinner question.”

Meet the Hot Guys Who Cook!

How would you like 18 hot guys from all over Asia (we’re talking actors, models, former F1 drivers, and DJs) get in a kitchen and whip up a meal for you? That’s exactly what’s going down on “Hot Guys Who Cook," premiering on June 25th at 9pm (8pm Jakarta) on Diva Universal (at StarHub 522 in Singapore, Astro 702 in Malaysia and in the Philippines: Asian Vision Cable Channel 40; Cablelink Ch. 37; DREAM Satellite Ch. 33; Global Destiny Ch. 40; Sky Cable Ch. 37). By Maui V. Reyes for Yahoo! Southeast Asia