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Iguacu Falls

Where: Brazil and Argentina

At 490 feet wide and nearly 3000 feet long, Iguaçu Falls is filled with falls of every size and intensity, most notably Devil's Throat, where water drops from a height of 270 feet. With the highest flow of water on record, Iguaçu easily topples its equally famous sisters, Victoria and Niagara Falls. Ample viewing opportunities are available: Argentina offers close-up action shots with walkways that lead visitors into the action—feeling the power of the water is unforgettable. Brazil features all-encompassing panoramas and sweeping vistas of the falls' network, allowing you to appreciate their sheer size.

Insider Tip: The country of Paraguay is often overlooked, but its shared border with Brazil and Argentina affords decent glimpses of the falls.

(Photo Credit: Dmitry V. Petrenko/Shutterstock)

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