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Villa Escudero, a coconut plantation and resort, in Quezon province. Among its attractions are a restaurant by a waterfall, and the birds that live in the plantation. (Yen Baet)

The Philippines through Yen Baet's lens

1 January 1970

Photographer Yen Baet uses long-exposure shots during the "blue hour", or twilight, to give even the most prosaic subjects a magical, dreamy quality.

Baet's photographs have appeared in brochures, airline magazines, and travel books. Her "Rainy Night in Hallstatt", taken in Austria,  won the National Geographic Exceptional Experiences Photo Contest in 2011, and she has continued taking pictures since then.

Born in Misamis Occidental, she studied in  Pampanga, and is now based in England.

She has traveled extensively through Europe, parts of South America, and Asia.

Here, she takes on familiar Philippine tourist destinations and captures not just the scenery, but also a hint of how it feels to actually be there. (Text by Jonathan de Santos)