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Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago quotes

After missing the first four days of the impeachment trial due to hypertension, Santiago saw to it that she arrived with a bang. "I suffered from terminal boredom both from watching the impeachment trial on TV and from staying at home. It has been a display of legal ignorance that’s why the trial has been taking so long." Related Stories: Miriam Santiago faces ethics complaint over expletive Firebrand Filipino senator heats up virtual world, too

The Wrath of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago

18 May 2012

The impeachment trial allowed us to witness how the feisty Senator Miriam Defensor lost her temper and pounced on whoever agitated her.

As the trial comes to an end, here are some of Santiago’s unforgettable moments of rage. (Text by Shielo Mendoza; Photos by NPPA Images)